Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fireflight Rocks VanAndel Arena

Today the Winter Jam crew pulled into Grand Rapids, ready to rock.  Rainah and I showed up after lunch and caught up with Jessica.  We were able to go out for coffee and hang out most of the afternoon, which was great!  We even met up with Don and had dinner with Jess and Justin at the BOB.  We had all-access passes, so we pretty much got to go anywhere... backstage, the buses, and we got to pretty much pick where we wanted to sit.  We watched the first few bands, and the Fireflight took the stage.  Rainah is kind of in awe, I think.  She just sits in her seat and stares.  I tried to get her to stand up and dance, or clap, but she was content just sitting and watching.  Fireflight was awesome, playing to a pretty full Van Andel Arena.  We hung out a bit after Fireflight played- Rainah chowed down on some cotton candy, and we talked with Jess a bit more at the merch table.  We caught up with most of the band to say good-bye and left around 9ish.  Rainah did pretty good considering she had no nap, and the afternoon and evening were so crazy.  I had a great time, too, and it was really great to see everyone.  I was also excited to catch up with an old highschool classmate who is in Newsong, so that was a nice surprise, too!  Here are the photos:

One of Fireflight's biggest fans

Robert Pierre

Phee takes the stage behind his drumset

Justin and Glenn


Uncle Justin


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