Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rainah's Prayer

Tonight, Don brought home a pizza for dinner and in all the hustle and bustle of dinnertime, we kind of just all started eating.  A few minutes later Rainah grabbed my hand and said, "Pray, Pray".  I got a little choked up, thinking about how my 2 year old is reminding me to talk to God.  She is such a little blessing and amazes me every day.  So we all held hands and prayed.  When we finished she said, "again".  I told her that she could pray and she started sheepishly mumbling (nothing that I could make out), then yelled out, "AMEN!"  What else can I add to that?  God shows Himself to us in those He has just given us!


Nikki said...


What a sweetheart and what a special moment!

Rach said...

That is so great! Isn't it amazing what they show us, and how God is revealed through them?

Morgan often tells us as we're sitting down to dinner, "Pray first, pray first."

That's great... you're teaching Rainah "in the way that she should go, and when she is older, she will not turn from it."