Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Butterflies at Night

Every year we look forward to the butterflies coming to Meijer Gardens... this year since we are members again, we were able to attend an evening with special activities and lots of fun stuff.  We made sure Rainah had a flashlight so that as it got darker she could shine it and see all the butterflies as they were going to sleep for the night.  
She was so much more into it this year and had a great time just circling around and looking for them.  There weren't as many as in years past, but they are just starting the exhibit, so there will be more and more as the next month goes on.  
There were crafts for the kids to do, and Rainah made a tissue paper flower and a "Smartie" candy butterfly.  We also got to take Rainah's picture behind some fun animal cut outs, listen to some music, eat some cookies, and she got a butterfly tattoo - didn't even cry this time!
It was a fun family evening and we're looking forward to going back again soon!

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