Friday, March 13, 2009

The Circus is in Town

This morning we attended our Gymboree class; we pretended to be horses- great fun! 

With her "carrot"

The horses jumping the wall


Then a few hours later, we headed to the circus.  We weren't sure how Rainah would do, especially with no nap, but we attempted it.  When we walked in the door there were clowns to greet us, which she was understandably a bit hesitant of.  As we continued on there was a stand selling souvineers, some of which happened to be Dora balloons- which of course just psyched her up.  There was an area with a petting zoo (a family farm from Rockford had all their animals there) and Rainah got to see, pet, and feed goats, pigs, chickens, sheep, and llamas.  She also had a great time climbing into the saddles they had set up on hay bales.  We got some snacks and sat down- she LOVED the popcorn and sat pretty good for a little while. The first act was the tigers and lions and she seemed to enjoy that.  She started to get restless and began playing on the steps, but for the most part she was pretty good.  Of course afterwards when we asked her about it, all she says is Dora (in reference to the balloons).  Here are some photos (not great with the lighting, and a wiggly toddler sitting on my lap):

Daddy and Rainah feeding the animals

Not quite right

There we go...

Hmmm... Rockford supposedly has good schools!

Her favorite circus snack

Lions and tigers doing their thing

Trampoline guy

Dancing animals

Yes, rollerskating

This guy had really shiny pants

Chinese acrobats

Chinese acrobats doing hat tricks

And yes, a bike... (same guy and girl who were rollerskating earlier)

The elephants

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