Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Fun!

Rainah had a very busy day today- this morning we had some friends come over for a playdate, and had a little Valentine celebration.  I made some heart shaped cookies for the kids to decorate with frosting and sprinkles.  Chloe brought over some costumes so they could play dress up- they all looked so cute, though Rainah wasn't much into it.  We missed Sarah and Leah- and hope they're feeling better!  We were so glad to have everyone over and hope everyone had fun!

Lots of goodies

Ollie- looks like such a little man!


Rainah loved her cookie

Kalea's fond of sprinkles

Chloe as Ariel

Kalea as Cinderella

Genevieve as Tinkerbell

Later that afternoon we had a Valentine's Day party at Playworld with a great group of parents and kids!  Rainah had a blast.  She was a bit timid at first,  but eventually was climbing all over the place and amazing everyone with her fearlessness.  We all exchanged Valentine cards and treats at the end and Rainah was in heaven!  She chomped on a sucker all the way home.  I was shocked she didn't crash in the car after such a long day (and of course she didn't nap again today), but she was still quite alert when we got home around 8:00pm.  She didn't make a sound when we put her down, though.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Here is some of the fun:


Rainah~ she fits right in with the crew in her jeep

Ahhh; the inflatable slide... took awhile for her to get on it, but once she did, we couldn't get her off


Erin and Julie (and Heather)


There she goes again

Some of the crew

Passing out Valentines

One last time before we go...

Landen and Kait

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