Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Fun in February - Day 1

For the last few years, Hayden has come out to Grand Rapids to hang out with us for a few days during his February break. This year, it just so happened that Jess and Justin were home from being on the road, so the whole family came out for a few days to have some fun!
When everyone got here we decided to go to the Children's Museum and let the kids play... Justin had a great time and we were so proud of him behaving while out in public :)
The kids actually had a great time, even though most of the exhibits upstairs were closed while they were setting up for the Blue Man Group exhibit.
When we got home we brought in some pizzas, let the kids play, and hung out together; just one big happy family!
Here's a few photos from today:

The bubbles are always a big hit

Aunt Jessica entertaining the crowd

Hayden and Jess doing some banking

Shopping - the girl love corn

Talan and Hayden


Back to the bubbles

Dad had a good time, too

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