Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Official

she's a walker!! Rainah's first official "steps" were on Halloween when she took about 4 in a row. We worked with her a lot in the evenings and she was getting really steady, but then took a break for a few weeks when she decided she really could get places a lot faster by crawling. About 2 weeks ago she started to really get interested in it again and has gotten better every day, manuevering her way around corners and tables. The last few days her preferred method of getting around has been upright. It's so exciting but so sad at the same time... no longer a baby, but officially a toddler!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Go out mom and dad! I cannot wait to see her in action. Next thing will be the run as the quickest way around. Sarah Sutliffe

EJBABY said...

too cute! Congrats!
You'll have to enter her in to Robeez photos of the month too; super cute outfit!

grbaby friend