Wednesday, January 23, 2008

12 Month Stats (better late than never!)

Rainah's 12 month appointment was originally back at the beginning of the month, but our doctor called in sick (can they DO that????). So we were rescheduled to today... Rainah weighed in at 19 pounds, 10 ounces and 29.5 inches. That's a lotta growin in 12 months! She started out at just 7 pounds 2 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Doctor said she looks great! She had to get 5 shots today :( but she was a trooper and only cried until I picked her up. After that she was fine and walked out of the office all on her own!

And this isn't even the part that hurts!!

Just a comparison

Whatever keeps 'em quiet and happy while waiting!

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Amanda said...

I love that last picture!!! Look at that lip!