Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fireflight Plays Richland

This morning Fireflight arrived at Richland Bible Church ready to play their 9th straight show of their HOPE tour. Mom and Dad came over and hung out in Grand Rapids with us yesterday, and we took off for Richland around 10:00am. We got there a bit before 11:30 and the band was just waking up. The crew was starting to set up all of the equipment and we hung out with Jess and Justin for a bit before we had lunch. Afterwards Jess started setting up the merch table (with mom and dad's help) and Jill arrived with Hayden and Talan. The kids all had fun playing, running around, and watching the set up and sound checks. We had dinner with the bands, where Hayden took an instant liking to the white boards and quizzed all of the musicians on their letters (they all kindly played along!).
An old friend from Ward EPC showed up with his daughters who are big Fireflight fans, so we spent some time catching up with him. At one point I took Rainah in to listen to one of the opening bands and she freaked out. I thought it was because it was so loud, but when we came out she said she didn't like the dark.
I finally got her to go back in when Fireflight started and she just wanted to be held. She was so worn out by that time, but she was good. I eventually made it over to the front/side of the stage and set her down to get some photos. I looked down and she had layed down under a a cross and was covering up with the tulle that they had wrapped around it. Like I said, she was tired.
Fireflight was amazing, and we even got to hear one of their new songs, due out on their new cd February 9.
We had such a fun time and it was great seeing and spending time with everyone for a bit. Thanks for putting up with us for the day!

Rainah stayed out of trouble by reading a church paper while set up was going on

Talan- ready to rock

My baby sis- she does good work!



Phee- rock on, superfreak

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