Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day On The Farm(s)

Today we decided to go out on the Kent Harvest Trails- basically in the fall, some local farms open up to the public and offer different activities for people, like scarecrow making, corn mazes, hayrides, etc. The weather wasn't that great, and one of the first farms we stopped at was closed because of the rain. So we went on to the next - The Country Basket in Sparta. It was a great place with goats to pet and feed, a silow filled with cracked corn to play in, a (fake) cow to milk, a slide, and a "cow train". Of course there were lots of apples, donuts, and yummy cider. Rainah had a blast and we could have stayed longer if the rain had held off, but we had a little while that was nice enough to be out. Hopefully we'll get to visit a few more before the season is over!

A smaller stand we stopped at- we got our pumpkin here to carve for halloween

This was at The Country Basket- Rainah and Daddy feeding the goats

Literally buttin heads- they were so cute

Yeah, this was a little creepy, but funny, too

Rainah could have played in here all day

This dog was ALL ABOUT the cow train- he was a riot!

Don just had to ride, too

Taking off- the guy driving the ATV took them for quite a ride- they were going FAST!

And the dog lead the way the whole time

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