Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Last Days of Summer

All summer I've wanted to take Rainah back to Millennium Park to play at the Sprayground and beach, but it just never worked out (it didn't help that it was not a very warm summer)! So since we had no plans today, we decided to head out there for the morning. We went to the sprinkler area first, but Rainah wasn't too thrilled for some reason, so we went over to the beach. She had fun playing in the sand and water, and even ran into a friend from Gymboree. We hung out there for about and hour and then went back over to the sprinkler park where she did play for a bit- I wish we could have gotten out there with some other people this summer! We can't believe it's already the end of summer... it went by so fast! Not at all ready for the cold weather!

Showing Daddy how she can put her face under the water

Over at the "Sprayground"

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