Friday, September 11, 2009

Annual Apple Picking Day

Every year, the Kellogg/Skiver/Petersen clan heads out to Erwin's Orchards to pick apples. The last few years we've been going on the day they start picking the Honeycrisp apples. This year was Hayden's first day of first grade, so he wasn't able to join us, and Jess and Justin were in Florida Rocking the Universe. So Jill, Talan, Mom, Dad, Rainah and I took on the task ourselves. It was a gorgeous, warm day and the kids knew exactly what to do as soon as the wagon dropped us off. They did a great job and only left a few dozen half-eaten ones on the ground. When we were done picking we let the kids play on the bikes and in the straw maze for while before getting our AMAZING donuts! The bees started attacking, so we didn't stick around to eat them at the orchard, but most of us dug in as soon as we got home.
As a tradition, mom always makes apple high rise pancakes for dinner and they were delish! Another great outing with lots of fun, and of course, tons of photos:

This one didn't want to leave his home...

But she was determined


One of her scores

They love hugging

Doesn't that face just say TROUBLE?

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