Monday, February 11, 2008


Rainah LOVES books! She will sit on the floor with me for 30 minutes at a time going from book to book. She especially likes the "touch and feel" and flap books. We go to the local library in downtown Rockford on Mondays for their Babytime... little ones up to 18 months have a time of singing songs and rhymes, we read a book out loud, and then they get to spend some time playing with toys. We started attending last spring and Rainah has a great time. When we first started going she wasn't even sitting up on her own yet, so I would hold her or lay her on the floor while we sang and read. Cut to a few months later and she is running around the room, pulling out the toys she wants, and interacting with the other kids. It's so fun to watch (and take some photos of, of course)!

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