Monday, June 29, 2009

Strawberry Picking

Last year Don and I took Rainah to Krupp Farms to go strawberry picking, despite the fact that neither of us are very fond of the fruit. Rainah, however, likes it quite a bit, so this year I took her with our Bright Beginnings group. Thankfully last week's group was full (it was in the 90's and VERY humid). Today was much more tolerable... windy and bordering on chilly, but better than the oppressive heat. We got to go on a hayride out to the field and as soon as we got there, Rainah took right off with her basket. I couldn't pick fast enough to keep up with as fast as she was eating them- she seemed to be determined to not bring any home. At some point I was able to get both of our baskets filled up and get a few photos before getting back on the wagon. Afterwards the kids got ice cream as well as some animal feed to give to the animals over on their petting farm. Rainah was MUCH more enthralled with the "spring" horse and riding on that then seeing the real animals, but she did stop riding long enough to chuck her cone full of animal feed into the goat pen. We had a really nice afternoon and Rainah should be set with strawberries for quite awhile!

Just before the bird struck... she got quite a bite on the arm- didn't even phase her

Riding out to the field

She wasn't crying- her eyes tend to run when it is cold and/or windy

Gotta love that face

Sharing some ice cream

I think this was her favorite part of the day

Sneaking a few more before we go home

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The Loucks Family said...

SO CUTE!!!! :-)

We went berry picking at Krupps too - isn't it fun!? :-)

We have to get the kids together soon :-)