Friday, September 12, 2008

Apple Picking

Growing up, it was always a tradition that in the fall, our family would go apple picking at a local orchard.  Since Hayden came along, the tradition has started up again.  Last year was Rainah's first year - she was about 8 months old, and spent most of the time in the stroller, but did manage to sink her teeth into an apple and loved it.  
This year Rainah and I travelled back over to the other side of the state.  Dad had just had surgery, it was a rainy morning, and we weren't sure that things would come together, but Jill called when Hayden got home from school and we decided to try it.  We went the first day that the Honeycrisp apples were available and luckily there were a lot more than had grown last year.  We headed right out to the Honeycrisp and the kids had a great time helping.  Afterwards we of course had to get our donuts... and go figure, the kids REALLY like that!  We spent some time playing and feeding the goats, and then headed back to mom's (Talan and Rainah both crashed in the car) where the three kids were promptly thrown into the tub and scrubbed down and mom made some yummy apple pancakes for dinner. 
Unfortunately Dad couldn't come since he was still sore and Jessica and Justin were out on tour, but I got a few good shots so they could feel like they were there!

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